October 25, 2014

Two years

It has been almost two years since my last update. So much has changed in the last couple years, but I still feel I am "learning how to sing into the darkness". :)

I have tried a handful of times to write an update, only to scrap it after only a few sentences. Due to time constraints and other pressures in my life, I chose to give up many things in my life, such as writing, that I once did often and enjoyed doing. I want to change this.

I have seen the goodness of God over the last two years in many unexpected and undeserved ways. I miss writing about Him... I want to write about Him more and more. I think it is helpful to me to do it and, hopefully, encouraging to those who may happen to read this blog.

So...welcome back to those who may happened upon this blog. :) Sorry for the dismay and for the lack of updates. Good things are coming now. :)