March 17, 2012

The garden

I do not do writings, especially Scriptural ones, as much as I use to in the past. If I had the time tonight I would write a great deal. In one of Tozer's editorial publications, he writes that each person has a "secret garden" in which only the Spirit of God may dwell. Only God is allowed there to commune with the individual and it can be God and no other. If a person rejects Christ in their life, then this garden remains empty. And too often a person will spend their whole life chasing after the things of the world to try to fill this void that is felt deep within.

As I look back...the happiest, most joyful, most contented times in my life have been in those quiet moments when I felt the Holy Presence of the Lord. When I was able to just sit for hours and read Scripture, pray, and commune with Him. I could gain all the world tomorrow and I would gladly give it back to experience more of those little moments with Christ. He is my portion and my treasure.

I hope I am able to have more and more of those moments with Him in the days ahead. And I can only hope I bear witness to Him in a manner worthy of His character. He is amazing.