June 18, 2012

Summer School

School officially ended last Friday, but I will be busy over the summer finishing a couple projects and working on a Master Copy Painting. Below is the in progress drawing of our model, Melissa. The first one was taken on day 2 and the second one was taken on day 6. This was for our final 5 week pose, but I still have three days remaining to bring this drawing to a better completion. After being gone for several weeks, I think this drawing really helped to shake some of the rust off. I also learned a great deal about what not to do and how to better approach my drawing in the future. I will post the completed drawing later this week as well as my final charcoal on white paper cast drawing of Brutus.

Below is a picture of the Master Copy painting I will be working on this summer. I will post updates of my progress, no matter how horrible, as I attempt to recreate this Rembrandt masterpiece. :) "An Old Man in a Military Uniform" by Rembrandt.

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