March 9, 2012

Timeline of Man Holding Pole figure drawing

Below are 3 pictures taken over the last 2 weeks of my newest figure study. I am re-posting the picture of the initial drawing stage simply for reference. This drawing has been a challenge for me in many ways and honestly I am really unhappy with the progress I have made so far. I feel that it should have been kept (still needs to be kept) more unified and that it has become rather messy as far as charcoal technique is concerned. Thankfully a dear friend encouraged me. As we grow in all areas, in this case my drawing ability, we are able to see more easily the areas that need further growth. This is my case with this figure study. I have been told it is a good drawing and I am doing well with it, yet all I can see is how much better it needs to be. I guess this is good in that it always keeps us setting the bar higher and higher for ourselves. Thankfully, God sends us people to encourage us on our journey, as we make our way to the next marker on the horizon. :)

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