March 17, 2012

The garden

I do not do writings, especially Scriptural ones, as much as I use to in the past. If I had the time tonight I would write a great deal. In one of Tozer's editorial publications, he writes that each person has a "secret garden" in which only the Spirit of God may dwell. Only God is allowed there to commune with the individual and it can be God and no other. If a person rejects Christ in their life, then this garden remains empty. And too often a person will spend their whole life chasing after the things of the world to try to fill this void that is felt deep within.

As I look back...the happiest, most joyful, most contented times in my life have been in those quiet moments when I felt the Holy Presence of the Lord. When I was able to just sit for hours and read Scripture, pray, and commune with Him. I could gain all the world tomorrow and I would gladly give it back to experience more of those little moments with Christ. He is my portion and my treasure.

I hope I am able to have more and more of those moments with Him in the days ahead. And I can only hope I bear witness to Him in a manner worthy of His character. He is amazing.


Hope Joanne Dag-um said...

It's fascinating to see someone who is as dedicated as you are to improving your gift as an artist be wholeheartedly stepping forward with the Lord at the same time.

This post inspires me to take a break from working too much on my craft and stepping away for a while to retreat and spend time with Him. Thank you for writing this.

Lara said...

Thank you Hope. Praise by to the Lord. :) It brings joy to my heart to hear that this was able to inspire you to spend more time with Him. <3