December 14, 2011

End of Fall Trimester

In less than 1 week my husband and I leave to go out of town for Christmas to see friends and family. :D I am excited for the trip but there is so much to do before I go!

The last day of school was 1 week ago, however, I was able to use the last week of "extended" model time to finish the Andromeda drawing shown below. Praise God for how this drawing turned out! I am happy with it, but the next one will be better, much better. I made so many mistakes early on with this drawing that I am amazed and give glory to God for anointing my hands to be able to finish this drawing and bring it to this level of refinement. :) Seriously, I am surprised...and very thankful to Christ.

Below is the beginning stages of my 2nd Cast drawing. I have had roughly 2 weeks on this drawing. The other image is the Andromeda drawing followed by a close up of the torso area. :)


Anna Galyon said...

So amazing! I am constantly impressed by how much you've improved over the years. I hope I get to see you over Christmas!

Lara said...

Thank you, Anna. :D All praise to God for blessing the work of my hands. I am excited to see where He takes me in all this! We can definitely meet up over Christmas. I will contact you soon to set something up. (and by soon, I mean today. :))