March 18, 2011

What the Light Reveals

Updated Figure drawing shown below. I had to do major reconstruction work on the face because it was too small. It looks a lot more like her now, though. I will post another update next weekend! Only 2 weeks left. I absolutely love my new atelier and my teachers. They are so amazing. I cannot believe it has already been 3 weeks!! :D I am learning so much!

March 12, 2011

Bringing Light out of Darkness

Sometimes we forget...I forget...that it is me and Him on this journey together. That He walks with me, stands at my side and equips me to do what He has called me to do. Contentment lies not in arriving at some imagined destination, but enjoying this Holy Walk with Him...together, into eternity. May I walk everyday with Him and let the joy of the Lord [being in communion with Him] be my strength.

I finished my second week at Ravenswood and below is an updated image from my in-progress figure drawing that I began the first week. :) 

March 4, 2011

Visual Impression

This was my first week at the Ravenswood Atelier. I cannot articulate how amazed I am with my teachers, their  artwork, their process, and the school in general. :D I truly feel blessed beyond measure.

I may edit this and write more this weekend, when I am less exhausted. But, for now, here are the two pieces I am currently drawing. Both are at a very early stage in the process.