January 29, 2011

Lessons Learned

A great deal has happened over the last year of my life, I am unsure where to begin or what all to include. Honestly, I will try and keep this short and simple. :) No need to over explain...that is not this blog's intended purpose.

Here is a short summary of my life over the last 8 months: My precious white kitty, Logain, passed away. I realized a friend was not who I thought he was. I began doing work for another friend and later discovered he, also, was not the person I thought he was. I do not blame them, I blame myself for seeing what I wanted to see. I experienced severe abdominal pain for months and 1 week ago I finally had my gallbladder removed; each day, pain free, is wonderful. I left the atelier I was attending and discovered a new one that surpasses my expectations. My husband and I celebrated 6 wonderful years together; I wouldn't change one moment with him; he simply amazes me. I joined a new church family, one that has left me speechless with their Christ-like love and kindness. I have been numb, bitter, broken, and wounded. I have lost more than I thought I could endure and gained what I never thought possible. I have seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and tasted and seen that the Lord is good. I do not deserve Him; none of us do. I have once again learned I am nothing apart from Him and have nothing to give to Him that He has not first given to me.

Most of all I have learned that this journey with Him is the most important thing I do in life. He is my life, my love, and my very great reward.

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