August 15, 2010

How did August arrive so quickly?

Hey guys,

I figured I should try and get a few updates out considering I was suppose to do that 2 months ago. How are we now in the month of August?? Praise God, though, for making it this far! I have had quite the summer.

In 3 weeks I return to school at The School of Representational Art in Chicago. Here is my almost completed final Long Pose work from the Spring semester. To God be the glory for anointing my hands. Soon I will take pictures of the few paintings I was able to stumble through before the spring semester ended. They are not pretty, but one thing I have discovered is that when God leads us down a path, the most important part is not where we are going but that we enjoy the journey. That we walk with Jesus and enjoy His fellowship. He has the plan and He knows where we are going; if I never know till we arrive that is more than okay with me.

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